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What is Dirty Lickins®?

“Hawaiian Pidgin English evolved from the sugar industry which began in the mid 1850’s on Maui. Immigrant workers came in waves from different countries to work in the sugarcane fields. 

These Chinese, Japanese and Portuguese immigrants needed to communicate with the Caucasian  (English speaking)

bosses and Hawaiian locals.

What developed was a blend of these languages that continued to evolve as waves of Okinawans, Puerto Ricans, Koreans and Filipinos arrived around 1900. These new languages were thrown into the mix and is today what many locals speak on a daily basis –

Hawaiian Pidgin English”. – from Valley Isle

This language which has been around for over 100 years still

flourishes in all the Hawaiian islands.

Grandma had a slipper and if you were bad, she would give you Dirty Lickins® with it.  Most people can remember a mother or female figure using the slipper or stick to punish or to give the thought it will be used.

Other definitions:  

1. A problem arising 2. A butt whopping 3. A severe beat down

4. A thrashing


"Wow Brah that fighter gave some mean Dirty Lickins®!" 


 There are different ways Dirty Lickins® can be taken.  It starts with a verbal, then it could escalate to become physical,  

depending on the situation.  

In sports we say “You gave, or you got Dirty Lickins®!" Hopefully you gave. Means you beat your opponent or mastered the challenge. 

Butt Whooping - Noun.  sound beating. When he said that about my sister, I dealt him a butt whooping. (Hawaiian Translantion: Dirty Lickins®)  That punk who was trying to put the moves on your girlfriend totally deserved Dirty Lickins® (a butt whooping).

 "Wow! I got Dirty Lickins® from that  10k run, but I came in 1st!" 

"Brah, the math part gave me Dirty Lickins®. It was hard."

-Here are words used daily in Hawaii:-

Aloha – Hello/ Goodbye/ Love you

An’den – What’s up with you

Any’kin - It doesn’t matter

Brah - otherwise known as brother

Brok'da mout - (Broke the mouth). Absolutely delicious.

Bumb’bye – Later

Can’come – Am I invited

Choke - A vast amount

Dirty Lickins®- Could be a problem. Personal challenge. A butt whopping

Fo’real - Are you serious?

Grind - To eat

Hana'hou - One more time

Howz’it - How are you

K’den - I’m fine with that

Kama'aina - Local, lived there long time

Mahalo - Thankyou

Mahalo nui'loa - Thankyou very much

Mainland - the 48 states, North America

Na'na'na- Just kidding

           Ninth Island - Las Vegas has the biggest population of Hawaiians outside Hawaii, so the city is sometimes called the ninth island.


There are 8 islands in the Hawaiian Chain:

Hawaii (the Big Island), Maui, Lanai, Kaho'olawe, Molokai, Oahu (Diamond Head and Waikiki Beach),

Kauai (the Garden Island), Ni'ihau

No'can - Unable to

No'moa - Completely out of

No’ack - Stop Showing off

No’need - Not necessary

Ohana - Family

Ono (OH-no) - Actual Hawaiian word, meaning delicious

Pau - Done/ finished/ complete

Puka - Hole/ opening

Shoots - Bye / see you later

Slippah (SLEE-pah) -otherwise known as slipper, shower shoe, thongs

Try’move - Excuse me

From the Dirty Lickins® Ohana

Mahalo, and have a wonderful day.

* We of the Dirty Lickins® Company would like to thank Don Baur our artist,  He has the true Aloha Spirit.  Mahalo nui loa our dear friend. *

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